Visiting Lecturers and Industry Experts

Tanisa Amatayakul
Ajarn Tanisa  got her Bachelor of Law from Thammasat University and MSc in International Hotel management from The University of Buckingham, UK. She started her career in Event management at Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok then continued her career in Event Management at five stars hotels in Thailand such as Plaza Athenee – A Royal Le Meridien Hotel, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers Bangkok, Shangri-La Bangkok etc.  Her latest position in the Hotel industry is an Assistant Director of Catering at Swissotel at Nailert  Park.
David Barrett
After graduating in Business Administration back in the 70s, and following a successful underwriting career in the Lloyds of London insurance market, David relocated to Asia and has been at the forefront of the business events industry for 22 years. Board Member and CoChairman, Marketing Committee of the Thailand Incentive & Convention Association (TICA) for several years, David has a wealth of knowledge and commercial experience in Asia’s hospitality and events industry. He is the mastermind and creative powerhouse behind many successful industry initiatives. He launched a Destination Management Company (DMC), headquartered in Thailand and grew the business over 13 years through 29 offices in 11 countries across Asia. Having received several industry awards, recognized worldwide for his creative and commercial talents, David has shared his expertise, running internship programmes whilst training many of the professionals working in Asia’s events and hospitality industry today.  David is guest speaker and motivator at many regional MICE events. His passion and dedication to Asia’s event industry with his commercial flair is an inspiration to many.

Jaranya Daengnoy
With her solid academic background which includes a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Tammasat University, a Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management in Social Development from St Francis Xavier University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and an MA from the SIT Institute, Ajarn Jarayanya is actively involved with the Thailand-based Community Based Tourism Institute (CBTI). IN a varied career, her experience has included working as a team-leader for the office of the National Culture Commission for the Thai Ministry of Culture.

Ajarn Nattanan Kanchanaratwaree
Ajarn Nat holds a BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management, Rangsit University, International College and the Diploma de Cuisine and the Certificate de Patisserie from le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. She has working experience in Europe, Australia, and Asia, and successfully run her own business, and cooked for Princess Sirinthorn. In addition, Ajarn Nat has appeared on television in a series broadcast to 31 countries, and divides her working time between the Cordon Bleu Dusit and Stenden Rangsit, where she is employed as a practical instructor. Adding to an impressive CV, Ajarn Nat is also a Ministry of Labour certified judge of Thai cooking.

Dr Chutisant Kerdvibulvech
Dr Chutisant is Head of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Rangsit University. He graduated from the Chulalongkorn University with a B.Eng. (Honors) and from the Keio University with a M.Sc. in Engineering and an Engineering Ph.D., all in Computer Engineering. He has been the invited lecturer at the Sripatum University and also served on the Dissertation Committee at the Chulalongkorn University at postgraduate level. He has served as Committee Member/Reviewer for various academic c! onferences and journals, such as ICAT, ACCV, IEEE ICCAIE, EURO-SIAM, and ACM SIGGRAPH. He also appeared on many media, such as the Discovery Channel TV Program worldwide and the Book, “Secrets of Promising PhD Scholars Revealed” by Enzed Publishing House Ltd, New Zealand. Since 2010, he has been the adjunct lecturer at Stenden Rangsit University.”

Siwat Phumma
Ajarn Siwat is currently Assistant Sales Manager at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center at CentralWorld. With working experience in the United States, his backgrounds include an MBA in International Hospitality Management and professional experience as a special instructor for Principle Management of Hospitality Industry and Human Resources Management at Khon Kean University, Nong Khai Campus.

Dr Danuvas Sagarik
Danuvas Sagarik is currently Head of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Department at Rangsit University International College. He received his BSc. (Hons.) degree in Economics from the University of Essex and the MSc. in Economics, Finance, and Management from the University of Bristol. He has been doing his PhD. in Developing Administration with a focus on public policy analysis and management at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). Danuvas was awarded a graduate exchange fellowship from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University Bloomington (IUB), to enroll for one semester at IUB which is a part of his PhD. program. His research interest focuses on public policy analysis and macroeconomic policies. From 2008 to 2009, he served as an assistant of the Deputy Minister of Education and his duty focused mainly on academic issues. In 2009, he moved to Rangsit University International College (RIC), where he taught undergraduate courses in economics and public policy (English program) and was appointed as the Head of PPE Department in the same year.

Joan Sarasin
With educational experience in Thailand, India, and England, Joan is a true international scholar, and a diamond in Stenden Rangsit’s diverse portfolio of guest lecturers. As one of the leading people professionalizing the event industry in Thailand, Joan has been a key figure ever since the local MICE industry started in the early 1980’s. After working in London in the early stage of her career, Joan joined the local hotel industry in 1971 and soon opened her own PCO company. Successfully for more than 3 decades, Joan owns and manages various organizations in the tourism and event industry , making Stenden Rangsit proud to have her aboard for the Event Management 2 Minor.

Kate Sarasin
With a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a MBA from Chulalongkom University in Bangkok, Kate Sarasin has worked as a freelance Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) for many years. With her broad background and experience in globally known events with international target groups in Thailand, Kate is the perfect lecturer for our Event Management 2 minor. Her diverse portfolio covers conferences with 20,000 international delegates to the organization of high-profile VIP events.

Prinda Setabundhu
Prinda received her formal education in traditional Thai music , art and dance. She received the BFA degree with honors in Music and MA degree in Philosophy from Chulalongkorn University. After working as a studio assistant at the Evanston Art Center in Illinois, USA for three years, she received a full scholarship award and a teaching assistantship award from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia where she took the MFA degree in Studio Art. After graduating with an Outstanding Graduate Award, she worked as an Assistant Professor of Art at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. At present, she is an Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the International College, Rangsit University, teaching many art & culture courses attended by students from many countries, including the Stenden program.

Arun Theng
General Manager at Royal Paragon Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Bert van Walbeek
Bert “Bow-Thai” van Walbeek has been an Hotelier for 45 years and Marketer of Tourism for 35 years, a Motivator and a Master of Disaster since 25 years and a Lecturer for 20 years. He arrived in Thailand in 1985, where he spearheaded the successful marketing efforts to reposition the Royal Orchid Sheraton until 1988 and then became Vice President of Marketing for Sheraton in the Middle East. In 1991 he returned to Thailand and joined Siam Express as Executive Vice President. He founded The Winning Edge in 1993. Since then he is the Managing Director of this boutique consulting company, offering Marketing and Sales auditing, consulting and training services to public and private tourism organizations in Asia and, of course, Thailand. He is well-known as “ Master of Disaster “ through leading the Risk and Crisis Management awareness efforts of PATA ( Pacific Asia Travel Association ) and a speaker at many industrial and academic conferences, where his motivational and humorous manners of presentation are always an inspiration ! Additionally he is lecturing the “next generation” of Master Students at Universities from Bali to Beijing as well in Europe. His contacts with Stenden University date from 2007.

  Ren Wei
Under her father’s direction, Ajarn Ren (Soledad) Wei learned Politics, obtained a Bachelor in Laws and took several Civil Service examinations. Having developed a strong interest in cultural differences and cross-cultural communication, she chose her graduate degree MTCSOL(Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) and is currently, teaching Chinese to foreigners.

Ajarn Soledad: Chinese is difficult, and learning it could be a suffering. But it is also fascinating, enjoyable, and fulfilling, only if you are willing to challenge yourself. Besides determination – which is vital to study any language – you need a good teacher.

  Paisal Wipawin
Ajarn Paisal has been engaged in the Marketing and Management area since he started his career. He holds an MBA, majoring in Business Administration and International Business. His solid experience was to work in the food service facilities, design and consultancy, dealing with various executives of the hospitality industy. He also gained more experience in the event industry by working in a leading organizing . In the past few years, he has contributed and shared his knowledge and experience, as a lecturer, at colleges and universities around Thailand before joining the SRU team in 2012.